The Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation brings together people from all walks of life to address the needs of our cities. We connect those in need with resources, promote collaboration, create programs and assist groups to serve.


To make Atlanta a place of hope, love and a catalyst for change.


Mobilizing leadership within communities for Christ.

Company Overview
Cornelius (Corn) Williams, Jr. founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in July 2009 after a 20-year career that includes leadership roles in the social service sector and within the para-church organization Young Life.The Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation is an independent, local affiliate of an international network of faith-based organizations called Leadership Foundations ( Leadership Foundation movement began in 1978 and aims to bring together local faith-based and community leaders to mobilize resources to help meet the needs of a city’s poorest, most oppressed and most underserved communities and people.
We believe that people of faith are at the heart of all we do. The Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation is committed to engaging followers of Jesus Christ from all walks of life and sectors, plus other leaders of good will in a city, to tackle their city’s greatest challenges affecting people who are poor or vulnerable. The organization’s vision is that under-resourced communities will become a catalyst for hope, love and sustainable change. Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation’s function is to consult with leadership, connect them to resources, enabling them to create environments for the development of people. In order to facilitate this, the board and staff will earn the right to serve local communities.
Our Three Strategic Functions – The Wheel of Change
 The Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation (MALF) sees cities as places of promise and prosperity; cities as playgrounds rather than battlegrounds.
We cultivate this shift by driving the wheel of permanent change. With leadership at its core, the wheel of change is fueled by three strategic functions—engaging leaders of faith and good will, building the capacity of others and developing joint initiatives. As leaders and organizations employ these three strategic functions, cities around metro Atlanta become better. In short, our cities become playgrounds.
FAITH… Founded by concerned citizens with deep Christian faith; we unconditionally honor, embrace, respect and value all people.INTEGRITY… We lead by example, do what we say, and are responsible stewards.PASSION… We are motivated by collaboration, excellence, meeting real needs, and having fun while serving others.LEGACY… Through accessible mentoring and sustainable capacity-building models; our metro communities are increasingly better places for everyone.